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Terms of Use

Please read this document carefully. It contains important information about accessing and using the site

Website user. Definitions

The work of the website is coordinated by Payday Loans Connecticut.

In accordance with these Terms of Use, “services” means any functions, resources, information and other services provided through this website. “Terms of Use” means these terms and conditions. The “user” or the word “you” means any person who has access to or uses this site.

Access and use of this site

When you access or download any part of this site or its content, when posting information on this site, as well as in any other use of the site or its content, you agree to comply with the data conditions in full, as well as to be guided in your actions by the norms of current legislation.

Access to this site or to a particular service may have a quantitative and/or time limit for the reporting period. This site or some of its sections may contain information intended for adults. To access and view this information, you must be at least 18 years of age (required confirmation). If you allow your children to access this site and view its contents, you agree to control the access and determine which part of the information or which services are permitted for your children and which are not.

Other terms, conditions, etc.

These terms are in addition to any other terms related to Users. Since this site and its sections contain rules, instructions, standards and other conditions, the User also undertakes to strictly follow these rules, instructions, etc. In case of inconsistencies between different types of rules, these rules are taken as the main ones. If you do not agree with any of these conditions (or any other conditions, instructions, etc.), you are not entitled to use this site.

Changes to the site and related conditions

We may make improvements and / or changes to products, support, services, prices and / or other site information (including these terms od use) at any time without prior notice.

We may notify of changes in these conditions (or in the information on the site) by placing ads on this site or using other communication means. Users who have accessed this site after being notified of changes on the site or after reporting changes in any other way, bind themselves with obligations in relation to these changes after this notice or new Terms of Use have been published on the site or transmitted in another way, even if the user does not visit the page on which the changes or new conditions were published. As such, we recommend that you review the site more often and update the Terms of Use.

Permitted and unauthorized use of the site

We grant the user a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive and revocable permission to access and personal use (not for profit) this site and the site content as a resource for support and communication only for the purposes specified on this site. The user may electronically copy and make a hard copy of the content of this site for these purposes, subject to all copyright and proprietary rights (where they exist) in relation to the content of this site.

The user must not use this site or services in a way that violates these conditions (or their general focus) or any applicable laws and regulations (including laws and regulations regarding the use of public communication networks). The user does not have the right to attempt to gain unauthorized access to any of the sections of this site, the accounts of other users or any computer systems or networks connected to this site. The user does not have the right to collect or attempt to collect personal information related to other users of this site.

Copyright – ownership of the site content

We reserve the right to own any part of the content uploaded or used by the user. Site information, including its selection and distribution, is the property of the pharmacy, and / or the companies providing information to the pharmacy, is protected by copyright and other laws. Limited permission to use the site information (for the purposes described in the previous section) is issued to users on the condition that all copyright and other proprietary rights, as well as all property rights and intellectual property rights of our pharmacy and / or companies, are respected.

Any unauthorized use or copying of site information, or use of Site information, contrary to these conditions (or their general orientation), may lead to a violation of ownership of trademarks, copyright or other property rights, and entail administrative and criminal liability. The user does not have the right to use any information on the site (or any other information that can be accessed from this site) in a way that would violate the rights to own trademarks, copyrights and other property rights. We protect all rights violated by unauthorized access or violation of these Terms of Use.

“Spam” and posting harmful materials

All forms and types of “spam” or unauthorized mailing, including posting or sending large quantities of intrusive offers to various discussion groups, lists of email addresses, and all actions related to “spam” are prohibited on this site, and also cannot through this website.

We prohibit the placement of computer programs, files and other materials containing destructive or disruptive fragments, such as viruses, “broken files”, “hidden files” (such as, for example, graphic files with an attached audio file), “worms”, Trojans, or tools for using scrolling, showing multiple windows, and other actions that may lead to disruptions in the operation of the site or negatively affect certain sections of it or the integrity or presence in the network space.


Materials, information and opinions posted on this website do not necessarily represent materials, information and opinions of the pharmacy or companies related to the pharmacy. All user information should be perceived only as expressing certain opinions, and not as a statement of fact.

Each user information and / or Service that you receive or that you use or that is posted on this site can be used at your own discretion and at your own risk, and, in accordance with these Terms of Use. The security of this site and user information cannot be guaranteed.

Although we make every possible effort to protect your personal information and rights, we cannot guarantee the protection of all information you disclose online. You distribute and disclose your personal information at your own risk.

We disclaim all responsibility with respect to any user information, including errors, viruses, defamation, defamation, indecency or inaccuracy, contained in any part of the user content, regardless of whether they arise under copyright laws.

We disclaim all responsibility for unauthorized use (by other users) of user-generated content and disclaims all liability (without limitation) for the use of user-generated content that violates copyright, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights of any another user or person.

The user is fully responsible for any damage (including damage to site information) arising from the use (placement) of any user information or site (including disputes and conflicts described in the previous sections) and similar actions and steps.

The limitations of liability and disclaimers in these Terms of Use apply regardless of whether liability is based on breach of contract, violations of civil law (including negligence or defamation), strict liability, breach of obligation, or any other legal regulation.

We are not responsible for direct, indirect, actual, resulting and punitive damages, including those related to the loss data, loss of profit, stoppage of production or wasted time, as well as any other losses (including those resulting from negligence and other offenses) resulting from the use or inability to use the information posted on the site, even if the pharmacy or its authorized representatives have been warned of the possibility of such damages.

Applicable law may not allow the limitation of liability in the cases described in this section. In this case, the limitations of liability described in this section apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

Under no circumstances will the pharmacy’s liability in the event of losses or loss (payable under a contract or as compensation for negligence, civil violation or other cases) exceed the amount paid by the User for access to the website (except in cases where when applicable mandatory legislation prescribes otherwise).