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Are Online Payday Loans the Future of Lending?

Microfinance institutions are planning to offer more and more products and services online, which meets the current needs of consumers. To do this, companies will have to accelerate the transition to new technologies, even more advanced algorithms for analyzing and processing data, biometrics, and a digital profile of a borrower. So far, this is the…

What Are 3 Alternatives To Getting a Payday Loan?

In some cases, a traditional bank loan is not available to a person. For example, the money is needed urgently (there is no time to wait until the application is considered), there is no proof of income, the credit history is bad. In such cases, you have to look for other options for borrowing money….

Is Your Credit Score Too Low? Here’s How to Improve It In 7 Steps

What is credit history in the US? What is a credit score? How can you improve it and why is it needed? We figured it out. In our article, you will find not only answers to questions but also useful tips that you should use on the way to gaining an excellent financial reputation. A…