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Crowdsourcing vs Fundraising

Today, you can often hear the words “crowdfunding/crowdsourcing” and “fundraising.” What is the difference between these terms? Let’s figure it out. Crowdfunding is the collective cooperation of people who voluntarily unite mainly through web money or other resources to support the efforts of other people or organizations in any business or undertaking. Crowdfunding is “younger…

Online Fundraising: Common Terms and Channels of Interaction

Fundraising on the Internet is one of the ways to find financial support for projects launched by non-profit organizations. In this article, we will review the concept of fundraising and definitions you need to know in order to understand the topic.

Fundraising: Cycle, Methods, Resources, Principles

Fundraising is a search and attraction of external resources: financial, legal, human, marketing for the implementation of a specific project or internal company activity. In this article, we will speak about the cycle, methods, resources, and principles of fundraising. Fundraising resources Fundraising is not just a collection of money. Donations also include information, facilities, time,…

Financing in Litigation

Today, we are speaking about where and how to find funding to protect your rights in court. New type of investment Financing in litigation is a new type of investment, in which an investor who is not related to a legal process covers the expenses of one of the parties, most often the plaintiff, for…

5 Facts You Need to Know about Marijuana in Palliative Care

Science is gradually revealing the positive aspects of using cannabis, and many countries are already seriously thinking about its legalization. We have selected five facts about marijuana that will allow you to form your unbiased opinion about this substance, based on exact scientific data.

What are the Most Successful Fundraisers?

During the long history of fundraising, thousands of ways were invented to draw attention to their organization or a specific project. We have tried to study, understand and evaluate them in order to present the most successful fundraising ideas to you.

Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Fundraising is an activity directed at the formation of various financial and cash funds, in particular, for charitable or other socially significant, including educational, purposes; the process of attracting organizations of funds and other resources of human, material, information, etc.), which are necessary for the implementation of a specific project or activity of the organization…

What is the Difference Between Fundraising and Donations?

The words “fundraising” and “donation” have become firmly established in our lexicon. They can be heard not only in the professional communication environment – among non-state non-profit organizations (the so-called NGOs). These words can be heard on radio and television, are regularly found on the pages of print and Internet publications. Since donating and fundraising…

What Do Fundraisers Do?

The concept of “fundraising” appeared in the United States. By the early 1980s, state funding of social and cultural projects has declined sharply due to the financial crisis. Then wealthy entrepreneurs and entire corporations took over their support. Now the American museum is independently able to earn 30% -50% of the annual budget, the rest…