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What are the Most Successful Fundraisers?

What are the Most Successful Fundraisers

During the long history of fundraising, thousands of ways were invented to draw attention to their organization or a specific project. We have tried to study, understand and evaluate them in order to present the most successful fundraising ideas to you.

Top 26 Ideas for Fundraising Events 2019

  • Top fashion show. Have a podium? Have a couple dozen people of model appearance? Do you cooperate with Parisian fashion houses? We are happy for you, but you will not need any of this for your Top Fashion show: Fundraising Edition. Arrange a fashion show from several of your beauties and handsome volunteers!
  • Meet for Charity. Donators are invited to purchase a date with a particular person – a simple guy and girl or a movie star and pop star.
  • Quiet auction. Choose lots that you want to sell (something symbolic and something valuable), decide on the starting price, write this price on a large piece of paper, mark the auction step and draw a table where people can enter their bids and contacts. Everything is quiet, anonymous, and interesting. Try it!
  • Carnival. No, we are not talking about the pompous Venetian or Brazilian carnivals, although you can have a theme evening in this style. We are talking about funny dressing ups, self-made shops and themed games. Personalize your carnival and your fundraising campaign will succeed.
  • On pins and needles. Create a room filled with balloons. Put some prizes in some of these balls and invite guests to buy a needle for these balls.
  • Open Day. Even if have in a tiny room, this is not a reason to shut off from the outside world 365 days a year. Arrange a paid tour of the life of your organization, where you will boast of reports, show which mug you drank when you came up with this or that project, and acquaint your donors for what they donated their money.
  • Charity date. Right now, a lot of lonely people are gathering for a date. Most likely, they go to a nearby restaurant or cinema, if you do not have time to invite them to come to you. In this way, you accumulate all the power of lovers and receive dedicated volunteers for one evening.
  • Funny Friday. Every Friday night, people around the world gather to have a good time. Why not invite them to have fun with you, while spending exactly the same amount as they spend on a regular Friday! Just do not forget about fun! Your party should be cool.
  • Ugly Sweater Party. Everyone has a terrible sweater in the closet that was tied up by a grandmother, a mother, an aunt, or some sister-in-law. Offer everyone to come to your party in such a sweater.
  • Good morning. A non-alcoholic party in the morning with dances and freshly squeezed juice. It sounds tempting, isn’t it?
  • Charity dishes. Arrange an evening of cocktails, where everyone is obliged to buy a container for drinks at the entrance. A single-use cup is fine for the container, and all the money from this container goes to charity.
  • Silent Disco! If you still have not heard of quiet discos, then welcome to YouTube. It looks very funny, but that makes it even better.
  • Paper lanterns. If the local government has not prohibited the centralized launching of Chinese paper lanterns, you can gather people and make it – it is always beautiful.
  • Photo exhibition. You obviously know some photographers from your city. Ask them to take catchy photos regarding the results of your activities. Print and hang them – photo exhibition is ready, you can sell tickets.
  • Handmade festival. Need to explain something? In your city, in your area, most likely there are craftsmen who are ready to sell their products on your site, giving you some or all of the profits as donations.
  • Day of Freaky Hairstyles. Cooperate with well-known stylists in your city or country who are ready to donate their time for you. And you will receive a donat for each hairstyle made.
  • Crossdressing. This is a very popular form of charity, where people bring their old clothes and exchange them.
  • Booklets with discounts. Great design + profitable exclusive offers. This is the recipe of your booklet, which you will sell for a nominal amount. Usually, all sorts of companies from your city or country can easily make a big discount for charity purposes, so it’s easy to come to an agreement with them. Choose well-known and most suitable shops, clinics, or maybe even restaurants. And do not forget that each booklet should have a cool design.
  • Tennis. Tennis tournament or a big match in which all the money from drinks and snacks go to your account.
  • Yoga. Agree with a yoga trainer about a large open session, preferably outdoors. The lesson fee will go to charity.
  • Poker. Check with current legislation. If everything is ok, then a poker tournament can be organized. A part of all participation fees is credited to charity organizations. This is one of the most profitable forms of fundraising.
  • Rock climbing. Climbing mountaineering walls became popular. Arrange a tournament on the rapid climb to the top.
  • Quiz. It’s a trend in the last three years. Intellectual games are played in pubs and restaurants.
  • Night games. Old slot machines, air hockey, board games, pinball – anything that will delight any gamer.
  • Extreme. Did you know that Red Bull earns a lot of money mainly due to the organization of events, and not sales of its drink? You should learn from them and call the famous skaters, roller skaters, parkour riders and other masters of extreme sports for any event.
  • Gym. Since a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, you should enlist the support of one of the famous fitness trainers and arrange a charity training.

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